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Grenoble, France

November 15, 2013
Grenoble France

What is GreHack

GreHack is an international security conference which takes place in Grenoble (France). Grehack was missing last year, but Grehack is back ! More talks, more challenges and more free food ! It's the 3rd edition, and as always, it aims to bring together academics, industry, government and hacker to discuss new advances in computer and information security research. As previous edition, the conference will take place during the day, and a CTF will be held during the night. In extra, this year, free workshops and 2 min presentations will be organized.

Topics of the conference

- Embedded Security ( health device, SCADA, home/personal devices...)
- Reverse Engineering and Obfuscation
- Vulnerability Discovery / Analysis
- Exploit Automation
- Mobile security
- Hardware Vulnerabilities
- Malware Creation, Analysis and Prevention
- Web Application Security
- Network security, Intrusion Detection and Prevention
- Security and Privacy in Cloud, P2P Networks
- Penetration Testing
- Disclosure and Ethics
- Digital Forensics
- Applied Cryptography and Cryptanalysis
We encourage original and groundbreaking submissions, demonstrations, release of a new open source/non-commercial tool, and interaction with the audience. We highly encourage papers which have not been published, but we still accept replay of paper. We pay particular attention to any demonstration to real world exploitation and applied security in real context. Each submission will be reviewed by the PC

Important Dates

Reviews due October 1st
Decision notification October 15th
Final paper camera-ready October 30th
Conference November 20th
Submissions Types

GreHack 2015 will consider the following types of submissions:
Full research papers presenting mature and novel research results. Their total length should range from 10 to 16 pages.
Short Papers/Extended Abstracts describing novel ideas of potential interest to the security research community. Their total length should range from 4 to 8 pages.
Papers accepted by the Program Committee will be presented at GreHack 2015. Each paper must include an abstract and a list of keywords, be formatted in a single-column format, use at least 11-point fonts, and have reasonable margins. Templates are available on the website (Latex and Word). Total length includes the bibliography and any appendices.

GreHack 2015 - Program Committee

Cédric Lauradoux - INRIA
Florent Autréau - Mataru
Mathieu Blanc - CEA-DAM
Arnaud Calmejane - Sogeti ESEC
Jessy Clédière - CEA-Leti
Philippe Elbaz-Vincent - Institut Fourier
Xavier Facelina - Seclab-solutions
Josselin Feist - Verimag
Julien Francq - Airbus Defense & Space.
Franck de Goër - LIG
Pascal Lafourcade - Université d'Auvergne
Regis Leveugle - TIMA
Dave Penkler - Hewlett-Packard
Marie-Laure Potet - Verimag
Patrick Redon - Thales
Matthieu Rivain - CryptoExperts
Marion Videau - Quarkslab


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