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GreHack is a non profit Security Conference (during day) and an Ethical Hacking Contest - aka CTF - (during night). This event will happen during the 42nd week (19th-20th October 2012) at Grenoble, french core for micro and nanotechnologies R&D. 2012 is the first edition. Some GreHack 2012 objectives.

twitter: @grehack

GreHack Capture The Flag will be individual or by teams


Bring your:

  • RJ-45 cables! (1 per participant + ideally 1 long per team to connect to our master switch/router/firewall/hips)
  • laptop
  • brain!
  • ideally if every team can bring a L2 switch for themselves, this would help speeding up the installation of the CTF.
  • also we advise to bring a powerstrip or surge protector for your H/W
  • power cord extension
  • some people requested to bring their desktop computer. we are not against it, but bring power plugs and power cord extension


GreHack-2012-ensimag view.jpg


  • by team
  • individual


  • competitors will have to be physically present (several teams did ask for ability to remotely participate, it is not the case so far)
  • internet connection will be provided

Challenges categories

Challenges are written by SecurIMAG team. Here are some previous publicly released challenges written by SecurIMAG

  • Trivia
  • Programming
  • Web vulnerabilities
  • Fuzzing
  • In-memory vulnerabilities
  • Reverse-Engineering
  • Cryptography
  • Steganography
  • Networks
  • Forensics


accepted music bands/DJ/artists play
18h30 - 20h

Cocktail (conference tickets only)

GreHack-2012-CTF-DJ artist bands-michel platiniste.jpg Michel Platiniste
20h - 21h30 CTF: Pizza Dinner + Rules explanation GreHack-2012-CTF-DJ artist bands-flip-flop.png Flip-Flop
21h30 - 06h00 Capture The Flag contest 21h30-22h GreHack-2012-CTF-DJ artist bands-mirsal fenix.jpg mirsal / fenix
22h-23h30 GreHack-2012-CTF-Madmen Sometimes Speak The Truth.jpg Madmen Sometimes Speak The Truth
23h30 - 1h GreHack-2012-CTF-DJ artist bands-mr fist.jpg Mr Fist
1h-6h put your own music web exploitation challenge

Participating Teams

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GreHack 2012 CTF results

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Winning Prizes

prize pic prize description sponsor
SecurIMAG-GreHack-2012-CTF Prize-ios hacker handbook-charlie miller.jpg 1 authographed version by Charlie Miller @0xcharlie of iOS hacker's handbook

Note: contrary to what certain people understood, Charlie will not be present during the CTF. He just offered this autographed book for the winner. That's all.

with the courtesy of Charlie Miller
SecurIMAG-GreHack-2012-CTF Prize-fuzzing for software qa-ari takanen.jpg * 1 signed book Fuzzing for Software Quality Assurance by Ari Takanen @aritakanen with the courtesy of Ari Takenen, Codenomicom


SecurIMAG-GreHack-2012-CTF Prize-Rasberry PI-car online.jpg * 1 Rasberry PI model B gift from @fabien_duchene
SecurIMAG-GreHack-2012-CTF Prize-ActiVPN-pub.png * 1 1 year plan license with the courtesy of @ActiVPN

SecurIMAG-GreHack-2012-CTF Prize-ActiVPN.png

SecurIMAG-GreHack-2012-CTF Prize-Microsoft Windows 7 USB vacuum cleaner.jpg * 1 USB Keyboard vacuum cleaner (Microsoft Windows 7 advertisement gift :) SecurIMAG-GreHack-2012-CTF Prize-Microsoft Windows 7 USB vacuum cleaner-2.png


Grehack-ctf-daft punk.jpg

  • Music: Musicians/Artists/DJ will put the CTF on fire!

Call for Musicians/Artists/DJs application is OPEN! till October 5th 2012

  • you are free to apply to put the CTF on fire! (not literally speaking please!! :P)
  • advised music style (we are open to anything though) : electro, hard-rock, drum'n'bass
  • application process will stricly close on October 5th 2012 (actually, it might be sooner in case of many applications)
  • feel free to contact the organisation committee for any question

Grehack-ctf-hard rock.jpg


applicants must be people who will attend to grehack anyway (view the conference talks)
we do not pay for travel expenses / hostel
we will reimburse up to 100% of grehack entry fee per person accepted to perform 
 -- it also means that you have to book first grehack ticket, then we will reimburse proportionally to what sponsors did give us afterwards
 -- it will be at least 50% discount
entry ticket includes food and drink (midday and evening)
we do not provide financial compensation for acts made during GreHack
we remind you that CTF will last from 19th october 2012 9pm to 20th october 2012 6am (Paris time)

How to Apply?

Answer following questions and send them to grehack-organisation_committe ~~AT~~

Mail title: call for musicians/artists/djs application

  • What is your artist/group name?
  • How many people are you?
  • What kind of music do you play? (2 lines at most)
  • How many mics and instruments do you have to plug at the same time?
  • what connectivity do you require? (jack, minijack, RCA, ...)
  • what is the estimated power consumption (in Watts of your hardware)
  • Have you ever played to a hacking CTF? (if so, please provide references)
  • website? (in case you do not have, please attach a link to your myspace/youtube account where we can hear + see your performance. in case you do not have, please send mp3 of your previous performance)
  • email? phone?
  • do you fully agree that your pseudo/group name will appear publicly? (on this website at least)
  • how many hours will you play? (at least 1)

Grehack-ctf-music-drum and bass.jpg


18h30 - 20h

Cocktail (conference tickets only)

accepted music bands/DJ/artists play
20h - 21h30 CTF: Pizza Dinner + Rules explanation
21h30 - 06h00 Capture The Flag contest

Google Calendar format

Special thanks

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