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Student Grant

A limited number of grants will be provided for students.

What does the grant include?

  • 1 paid hostel night (the night before the conference)
  • up to 100 EUR of travel reimbursed (you have to provide us the nominative travel ticket), if ticket price is lower than 100 EUR, only its price will be reimbursed.
  • invitation to the speakers dinner (evening of Thursday October 18th 2012)
  • free entry to the conference + CTF

Conditions to apply

  • being aged up to 25 years old (<=)
  • studying in a Computer Science European Union university / engineer school for the year 2012-2013
  • your pseudo or name+firstname will be indicated on the website, as the winner(s) of the grants

How to apply?

  • first order a student ticket for the conference
  • write your resume/CV (english or french)
    • publications ; tools ; found 0-days with CVE entries links
    • max 2 pages (ideally 1 page)
    • preferred format: TXT. PDF accepted .. but without 0-day! :)
  • motivations: write a brief text describing why you want to participate in GreHack
  • student card: scan your student card, and provide us contact university contact information for us to verify that your student card is authentic.
    • send resume+motivations+student card via email BEFORE WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 26th 2012 11pm59 GMT+1 to
grehack-program_committee _A_T_ 

and put in the subject:

GreHack2012-student grant application
  • the winners will be announced on MONDAY OCTOBER 1ST 2012
  • your ticket will be reimbursed via paypal.
  • you will have to bring your student card at GreHack