GreHack-2012-rump sessions

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Who say that longer means better? Not us, at least!

What is a rump?

Rumps are express / very short / turbo talks. Each one will last for about 4 minutes (questions included).

You can talk about any topic that is security related. Following topics are forbidden: commercial tool promotion, talking about illegal topics, fighting with other people / companies.

Your rump talk can be funny or very serious.

Who can apply for a rump?

Any people attending GreHack! Of course, you need an attendee ticket for the GreHack 2012 conference first :)

Hands up!

Once the 4/5 minutes duration is over, you can keep talking for up to 1 minute, unless the public does clap you (which then means that your rump is over :)

Okay let's do this!

You can send your rump slides till Friday October 19th 2012 at 4pm30 to

grehack-program_committee []!_AT_![]

put in the email subject:

GreHack2012-RUMP talk - ...
Please come homebrew your rump!

Will the rump slides be published?

Slides will be put on the GreHack 2012 website. But they do not count as an academic publication, and of course do not have the same "weight" as an accepted paper + talk.